Nicole Scherzinger Sizzles at World Pride Sydney

HISTORY MADE! We were thrilled to see the world-renowned singer and performer, Nicole Scherzinger, take the stage at World Pride 2023 in Sydney, Australia. The event, held at the iconic Bondi Beach, was a celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, and Nicole's electrifying performance was a highlight of the night.

Nicole's backup dancers were decked out in Vamp Dance Heels (Vintage Heels), matched with the iconic Australian brand Camilla, creating a mesmerising visual display that perfectly complemented Nicole's powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence.

 nicole scherzinger world pride 2023
Dancers wearing our Vintage Heels

For those who may not be familiar with Vamp Dance Heels, they are specially designed shoes worn by dancers to help them execute complex dance moves with ease and grace. Our dance heels are not only stylish, but also designed for comfort and support, allowing dancers to perform for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue. And the Camilla brand is known for its vibrant prints, bold designs, and commitment to sustainability, making it the perfect choice for Nicole and her backup dancers.

Together, Vamp Dance Heels and Camilla garments created a breathtaking spectacle on stage, captivating the audience and adding an extra layer of beauty and elegance to Nicole's performance. The dancers moved with grace and confidence, showcasing the versatility and quality of our dance heels.


gay male dancers wearing Vamp Dance Heels

 Dancers wearing our Vintage Heels

This event was a powerful reminder of the ability of music, fashion, and inclusivity to bring people together and celebrate diversity. Nicole's performance, along with the stunning visuals created by her backup dancers, served as an inspiration to embrace different cultures and lifestyles.

We were honoured to see our dance heels being a part of such a high-profile event celebrating inclusivity and diversity. It's moments like these that make all our hard work and passion worth it.

Nicole Scherzinger's performance at World Pride in Sydney was truly unforgettable, and we were thrilled to see our Vamp Dance Heels and Camilla garments add an extra touch of style and elegance to the event. 



We're all about spreading love and inclusivity. That's why during World Pride Sydney, we were honoured to donate 2% of all our sales to the official charity of Sydney Mardi Gras.

This incredible organisation works tirelessly to promote awareness and create positive change in the lives of LGBTQI+ individuals who face barriers for simply being themselves. It was our way of giving back to the community and supporting a cause that's close to our hearts.


Let's continue to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the world of music and fashion!