Dance Shoes: Fitting Guide


Finding the perfect pair of dance shoes will transform your heels dancing experience and it’s important to understand that they may feel and fit differently to your regular street shoes. If you’re asking yourself “should dance shoes be tight?”- you have come to the right place to find an answer! When you first try on your dance heels, they should feel tight. This is a good thing! Dance shoes are built to stretch out and mould to your foot to create a second-skin-like feel. Extra wiggle-room is not a great sign and soon enough you will be sliding out of them and wasting away your dollars. 

Follow our guide for finding the perfect dance shoe fit so you can feel assured you have made the right purchase while feeling perfectly comfortable dancing (therefore confident and sexy!). 

Quick Note: You should always fit your dance heels while standing up or leaning against a wall. This will allow your foot to slide to the end of the toe cage.

Here are a few tips to check off when trying on your dance shoes for the first time:


Release all zippers, straps and/or laces to allow your foot to comfortably slide into the dance shoe. Tip: move the zipper up and down a few times to soften the material around the zipper, they may be a little tough the first time around.

Once you are comfortably in the dance shoes (make sure you are standing) do up all zippers, straps and/or laces. This is a personal preference on how tight you like it and may take you a few tries to get the right feeling.

If you are struggling with moving the zipper past the beginning point, this may be a sign you have a size too small. Tip: While zippers may feel a bit tight or require slight force to move the first few times, they shouldn’t require serious force or hurt your hands.

Your dance shoes should feel tight but not uncomfortable, they will give out up to half a size over a few wears so they should certainly feel snug when you wear them. Having the right fit dance shoe will be supportive in your movement and lessen any tripping or accidents.

Your toes should be either flush or a few millimetres back from the end of the shoe. If you have a 1cm or more gap at the front of the shoe, you will need to size down. Naturally, when we point our feet, our toes will pull back into the shoe, creating even more room at the toe cage, which is a common cause of injury.

Now you are in your dance shoes, on a clean surface take a walk around and assess how you feel. Tight or snug is perfect. Pain is not good, and you will need a size up. If you feel like your foot is moving around in the shoe, you will need to size down.


That's it! we hope you love your new Vamp Heels, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via live chat Monday - Friday or email us here.