High Heels for Beginner Dancers

Welcome to all our beginner dancers, come in... this world of high-heel dancing is right where you need to be! Finding the perfect heel will advance your dance practice while supporting you in each movement. There will likely be many questions for newcomers and we’re here to help clear up a few things… 

Let's answer the most asked question.

"What Vamp Heels are Suitable for Beginner Dancers?"

We’re afraid there’s is not just one high heel in our range that will be suitable, so let's take you through what features you will need in a high heel as a beginner dancer and what Vamp styles we have to match those needs. We know there is the perfect pair out there for you!




As a dancer new to dancing in high heels, stability on the heel is the most important factor, that's why you see most high heels dancers wearing a bootie-like design.

These bootie heels encompass the whole foot and ankle, which pulls you into the high heel and supports the flexion at the ankle which helps with overall stability.



The more adjustability the better! We are talking about laces and buckles. These adjustable features allow precision fitting, giving you complete control over the fit for your safety, comfort and ease of movement. 

Hot Tip - The Vanity Heels don't have adjustability, so take this style off your bucket list (for the moment!). 



While we love all our VAMP shoes equally, some are more suited to the above requirements of a beginner heels dancer. When you’re finding your feet (so to speak) there are a few designs that will support you and protect you from injury- all while still looking incredibly sexy. 

Our first pick is the Vespa Heels. This style has lace-up adjustability and ankle coverage. If you have narrow feet or feel very unstable in high heels, this is the style for you so you can feel both comfortable and confident. 

Vespa heels are available in black or tan. 

The second style we would recommend is the Vertigo Heel. This style has a buckle-up design and features ankle coverage so you’re ticking both boxes for the perfect beginner’s dance heel. And yes, they still look fire. 

Vertigo is black but also available in tan and red colour.

To make things easier, we have created a collection with all the Vamp styles we recommend for beginners, VIEW THE COLLECTION HERE




We look forward to seeing you slay in VAMP, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via live chat Monday to Friday or email us here.