Dance Shoes Vs Regular Shoes

Like any sport, you need the right tools to excel and nurture your progression. For dancers, shoes are the tool that can best support movement while protecting the feet. Dance shoes are not the same as street shoes for good reason! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional commercial dancer, dance shoes are always recommended and here's why Vamp dance heels are engineered for dance. 



Dance shoes and dance heels are made with a thinner sole to allow for freer movement and extensions like pointing your toes. The sole is reinforced with high-grade materials to withstand intense and irregular movement which street shoes do not offer. They may cause injury as the structure is too rigid. 


Dance shoe flexibility


Easy Movement Sole

The outer sole of our VAMP dance shoes are made with a specialised resin to allow the dancer to glide or grip without sticking or slipping. Regular shoes usually have a rubber-like sole that grips the floor, which can be detrimental to dancers' ankle, knee and hip joints.


Fits like a Second Skin

Engineered to fit tight, the materials of dance shoes are made to stretch and mould around your foot to create a second-skin-like feeling. The end of the dance shoe should finish close to the end of the toes, as you don't want too much extra material at the front of your shoe when pointing (naturally your foot slides up into the shoe when you point your toes). Regular shoes have extra wiggle room for comfortability purposes; obviously, they are not designed for intense movement, but for a dancer, extra room is a cause for injury. 


Dancers in Vamp Heels


Lightweight and Durable High-Grade Material

Dance shoes are designed and constructed from high-grade materials that are extremely lightweight and durable. Dancing incurs a lot of irregular movement and floor work, as well as sweat and our shoes need to be able to endure this! These are very different conditions to everyday wear and VAMP shoes reflect this in their materiality. Our dance shoes have a microfibre lining with moisture-wicking technology which is designed to keep you and your shoes dry. There is nothing more distracting than slipping around in a shoe while dancing. 


Heel Alignment and Structure 

The structure of our heel is aligned differently to regular high heels, sitting slightly more forward to help support balance and keep you on your centre. The heel bed (the area that joins the heel to the shoe body) is reinforced unlike regular high heels which are made to look fashionable over supportive, our dance shoes are made to be supportive while still looking fire.

Layback in dance high heels


In conclusion, quality dance shoes and dance high heels are a necessity for dancers at all levels and it is well worth the investment knowing you will be supported throughout every movement.


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