New Dance Heels: Voltage by Vamp Heels

New to Vamp Heels, Introducing a pop of colour for Heels Dancers.

In a world where every step resonates with power, grace, and purpose, Vamp Heels proudly introduces its newest dance shoe creation: the Voltage Dance Heels.

Crafted meticulously to epitomise dance excellence, Voltage Dance Heels redefines the art of movement with unparalleled support, style, and innovation.

As we unveil our very first colourful dance heels, Voltage Dance Heels made their impactful debut this July 2023, aligning perfectly with the fervour of Barbie enthusiasts and colour enthusiasts alike.


The Birth of Voltage:

At Vamp Heels, our vision marries style, comfort, and performance, epitomising the essence of dance. The conception of Voltage was ignited by the aspiration to enhance the dance experience, infusing it with unparalleled zeal.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of dance and its effervescent energy, our design team embarked on a mission to craft dance heels that not only harmonised with dancers' motions but also injected an electrifying vivacity into each step, the birth of colour through Voltage Dance Heels!


Pink dance shoes by vamp heels 

Colours that Dance:

The selection of pink and purple for Voltage was an intentional decision. Both shades, bold and vivacious, resonate profoundly with the very heart of dance. Pink embodies grace and elegance, while purple exudes passion and fervour.

Together, these hues encapsulate the dancers essence: a graceful, passionate journey across the dance floor, yet powerful and sexy through Vamp Heels unique dance shoe style that all the dancers are going crazy for!

 purple dance shoes by vamp heels

Harmonising with Trends:

The timing of Voltage's pink variant couldn't be more perfect. As fashion trends cyclically reinvent themselves, the Barbie theme has resurfaced as a delightful, nostalgia-evoking trend.

The pink hue of Voltage seamlessly intertwines with this resurgence, invoking the playfulness and effervescence that the Barbie theme embodies.

Dancers who opt for the pink Voltage heels not only embrace a powerful dance accessory but also immerse themselves in a trend that symbolises empowerment, confidence, and unapologetic self-expression.


 voltage pink dance heels

Behind the Scenes of the Campaign Shoot:

The Voltage campaign shoot was a labour of passion, meticulously crafted to emphasise the vibrant colours of the heels. Set in a pristine white studio, the minimalist backdrop served as the perfect canvas to let the pink and purple Voltage dance heels pop.

Like artists before a blank canvas, the colours painted their own story, a story of resilience and unrelenting vigour.

In the heart of this studio setting, two local Sydney dancers were chosen as the faces of the Voltage campaign.

These dancers not only embodied the vivacity of the dance world but also perfectly matched the dynamic energy that Voltage represents. Their seamless, fun movements and sassiness highlighted the fusion of style and functionality that Voltage dance heels offer.

 voltage purple dance heels

The Features of Voltage Dance Heels:

Performance Grade Materials:

Crafted from a blend of suede leather and mesh, Voltage dance heels exemplify both durability and a luxurious touch.

Breathable Microfibre Lining:

Enhanced with moisture-wicking technology, the microfibre lining ensures your feet remain comfortably dry during intense routines.

Flexible Sole with Gel Cushioning:

The sole boasts a built-in gel-cushioned layer, providing unparalleled support and flexibility for fluid movements.

Front Lace-up Closure:

The adjustable front lace-up closure guarantees a precise fit, catering to your foot width with a symphony of precision.

4-Inch Stiletto Heel:

Positioned slightly forward, the 4-inch stiletto heel combines elegance with stability, enabling poised performances.

Versatile Resin Sole:

From studio to street, the resin sole is adaptable to various surfaces, a true companion for every dance environment.

Adjustable Ankle Strap:

An ankle strap provides additional support, ensuring grace and strength harmonise seamlessly.

Easy-Glide Zip Closure:

The zip closure is not only easy to use but also equipped with a protective insert to prevent skin-to-zipper contact.




As dancers globally embrace high heels tailored exclusively for their craft, Vamp Heels stands as a testament to our steadfast commitment to their artistry.

With each step taken in Vamp Heels, dancers are primed to claim the stage with assurance, fervour, and grace, truly embodying the essence of the heels dancer.

Join the dance revolution—step into Voltage Dance Heels and illuminate the dance floor with every graceful movement. Revel in the unparalleled fusion of dance shoes meticulously crafted for the high heels dancer.

Experience the dance transformation firsthand—with Voltage, the dance floor becomes your canvas, and each step paints a vibrant story.