Size Guide

Vamp Heels are based on standard Euro sizing, find your perfect fit by using our measurement guide below and matching it back to each individual size chart on the product page of your chosen Vamp Heel.

All measurements are in centimetres (CM) and are the actual length of the shoe, when you measure your foot please add another 3-4mm to choose the correct shoe size.

EXAMPLE: If your foot measures 23cm, you would choose the size 38 shoe which measures 23.8cm.


  1. Grab a spare piece of paper that is longer than your foot and set yourself up on hard flooring
  2. Place the paper on the hard flooring and stand with one foot on the paper
  3. Mark a line at the end of your heel and the end of your big toe
  4. Measure the length between the two lines to get your foot length

If your sizing isn't matching up, please get in touch via email so we can assist you to find the right size.