Influencer Program

As an Australian-owned brand in Sydney, we're on a mission to unite with influencers worldwide who share our unwavering love for the art of dance and fashion. 

We understand the power of social media and the impact it has on shaping trends and inspiring others. That's why we've created this exclusive program to connect with influencers who can help us spread the word about our stylish and supportive dance heels. 

Whether you're a dancer, a fashion enthusiast, or a trendsetter, we want to partner with you to showcase the elegance and versatility of VAMP HEELS.



  1. Connect your chosen social account below (Instagram or TikTok)
  2. Our AI program will access your social account and present you with a personalised discount code to purchase your Vamp Heels
  3. Copy the discount code and jump over to our Heels Collection to choose and purchase your Vamps
  4. Once your Vamps arrive in your hot hands follow the posting guidelines here